Academic Extracurriculars + Clubs


Competitive academics are available through various state and national student organizations. 

Competitive Activities include: Chess, Technology Student Association (TSA), HOSA, Science Olympiad, Esports & UIL

Clubs include: Yearbook Club, Digital Media, Library Club, Book Club, & many more.


Yearbook Club

               Yearbook Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. Mireya Galvan                                       The yearbook club will assist the sponsor with photographing, editing, and developing the yearbook throughout the school year.  



Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Advisor: Coach A. Benavidez 

FCA is a club in which students, a part of sports or not, can meet and grow in integrity, servanthood, teamwork, and excellence.  Students have the opportunity to be a leader for FCA. Leaders in FCA display values of integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence and are eager to help RSA grow as a community. They will have the role of planning activities and lessons for huddle dates, inviting peers to huddle meetings, and are encouraged to grow in FCA values.

Art Club


             Art Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. I. Hernandez                                              The Art Club is a social club where students work together to support fellow artists and promote greater awareness and understanding of how artists' skills and abilities can influence and enhance our lives. 




             Chess Club

Sponsor:  Mr. Arriola                                             

Chess Club is designed to give students an opportunity to learn the game of chess, improve their chess skills, and to enjoy challenging their peers, while experiencing healthy competition and team spirit.

     HOSA Future Health Professionals

Advisor:  Mrs. Rose Galvan                                      Sponsor: Ms. K. Whitworth

HOSA is a career and technical program of student lead activities designed to develop future leaders for the health care system through service in state and international competitions. 



National Junior Honor Society

Advisors:  Mrs. Delgado and Ms. Diaz

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization which recognizes outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, service, and citizenship. Members have a responsibility to continue demonstrating these qualities and may do so through a variety of projects, fundraisers, and school/community service. To read more click here: NJHS Information