We are organizing an Activities Planning Committee and want your input.

Basically we will have 2 goals:

1. Identify activities to which we will apply our fundraising proceeds to benefit the students.


2. Identify activities PSTO can help organize which will enrich the students social activities, increase school spirit, and enhance academic opportunities. All activities are aimed to engage and excite our children about what's available at RSA and beyond (These activities are separate from the fundraising activities organized by the Fundraising Committee).

Examples of activities include a "Back to School Blast" which could be a combination of a sock-hop and games for the students in the gym or organizing a career day, to hosting guest speakers and/or educational field trips.

Please email to add your input.  Additionally, you can offer a one-time input of an idea or be active on our sub-committee.  

Get CONNECTED and SUPPORT your school!

Thank you!